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we love to hear from our customers but some times it important for you to learn about us.

so shall i start about 4 years ago?

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Our story

so where shall i begin ! 2014 i bought my first tv subscription and fell in love straight away..            this  did not last long at all ! after 3 months it was gone and i was left with nothing. my second subscription lasted a full year although i spent most of that time wondering when it was going off   it was a horrible feeling, knowing how much money i was saving! Yet i was putting all my faith into some one i met on facebook…. so i started to think what if ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

What if i could find my own platform on which i could help people find the right product for them. Then i started learning how to attract customers etc etc… i never thought one day we would be big enough to make the BATCAVE TV. we launched the facebook group in July 2018 and quickly made a name for our self’s gaining customers from all over the world. you know what ! i would not change it for the world….


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thanks Alec.